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What is Indoor Golf?

Indoor golf lets you practice and play golf in a range of ways which weren’t available just a matter of years ago, changing the experience of the game significantly for the better. It makes possible a wide range of different golfing activities, all of which can be undertaken inside.

Many locations offer a complete entertainment experience, giving you the opportunity to socialize with friends and have a few drinks – all while working on your swing. With indoor golf, you don’t have to put your clubs away during the freezing winter or sweltering summer months. Indoor golf facilities allow you to work on your skills and play all year around.

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Lessons on the Links

Many people over swing and tee the ball lower on tee shots into the wind which can magnify many off center hits and overall bad swings. I would like to see players stay consistent with their set up during such tee shots and stay more focused on a weight shift to the left side for right handed players. This will assist the grip of the club staying in front of the club head which tends to deloft the driver and hit the ball lower. Try this with iron shots as well.

– Lee Smith

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