Golf Tips

Looking to improve your score? Check out some of the best tips and tricks from professionals who have made their careers playing, teaching and analyzing the game. Have a suggestion? We’d love to hear it!

The following tips are from the official PGA website.

Take a divot for normal yardages with your irons. For right handers, you should feel about 70% of your weight on your left foot at impact.

- Ben Alexander

If you miss the green and your ball ends up in a closely mown area don't forget about the hybrid putt. Approach the shot just as you would a putt. Use your putting grip, stance, pre-shot routine and stroke. You will find that with a little practice you will start getting up and down.

- Blake Cathey

Do you have one of the new large headed drivers?So you can launch it nice and high, tee the ball higher and further forward in your stance. This will allow you to catch the ball on the up swing and launch the ball. This is very important now because the new balls do not spin as much, but when done right, you will hit it longer than ever, and say this a bit more often"You're away."

- John K. Abendroth

Take a divot for normal yardages with your irons. At impact feel about 70% of your weight on your left foot at impact. (right handers) Take a practice swing and hold at impact to feel the 60% weight on the left foot.

- Ben Alexander

Side Hill Lie: 1. Aim towards the high part of the hill as your ball will always favor the opposite direction. 2. Always take practice swings and pay attention to where the club sweeps the grass that will determine the appropriate ball position for the lie. 3. Ball above your feet: Club up and choke up. 4. Ball below your feet: any move up and out of your posture will result in a thin, missed shot. Bend your knees and stay there.

- Erika Larkin

You may need to adjust your set up to assist in hitting a specific shot, but here is a way for a right-handed golfer to remember where your ball should be played 'right foot, roll, left foot, loft'. If you want the ball to roll, play it off of your right foot. If you want your ball to be lofted into the air, play it off of your left foot.

- Blake Cathey

Putting as we know is so important and to keep it simple, hold your follow through until the ball stops rolling and then check the club face; it should be facing the target.

- Ben Alexander

A good golf grip is important for any serious golfer and the best way to develop your grip is to practice it every time you can. Most golfers have golf clubs by their sofa – for easy access whenever they lounge by the television – so that they can practice their grip as often as possible.

- Perrie Dugas

If you do not force every practice swing to form perfection, simply doing repetitive exercise can actually be detrimental since you could be repeating a wrong form over and over again. This could burn the wrong form into your muscle memory and could seriously hinder your bid for better performance – and a lower handicap.

- Roger Dole, PGA

To many people think that a sand wedge is just for bunker shots. The sand wedge should be used for sand shots as well as most pitch shots to the green. The sand wedge whether a 54-degree or 58-degree has "bounce" on the sole of the club. This is where the back trailing edge is lower than the front leading edge.

- Jay Perkins